22 May 2016

Reaction to "An Imagined Keynote"

On Tuesday, David Copeland posted a script (with code samples) for a fictional future RailsConf Keynote reveal of Rails 6’s "new features". (If you haven’t yet, please read it; I’m going to reference it without quoting.) Copeland suggests that between a perceived lack of Rails 5 talk content at this year’s RailsConf, and Justin Searls worrying over Indeed.com job trends (it’s towards the very end), Rails might need bold new features to win back mindshare. (A note on Searls' talk before we continue: out of context, one line chart proves the existence of line charts. I’d like to see a more thorough analysis, including Rails' adoption & use data across both enterprise and startup sectors, before deciding the sky was falling.)

Whatever I think of his motives, Copeland proposed these features, and I think they’re great. I want almost all now. continue reading Reaction to "An Imagined Keynote"